Athanasia Iliana Argead Crowned as Empress of the Athenian Federation

by | Feb 6, 2021 | News | 0 comments

Athens – Empress Athanasia Iliana Argead has formally been crowned Empress after having been the de facto ruler of the Athenian Federation for the past three years. In the well attended ceremony, delegates from the Spartan League, Union of Greece, Union of Asia Minor, Republic of Yugoslavia, Queendom of Macedon, Amazonian Free State, Union of Kurdistan, Kingdom of Syria and the Despotate of Cyprus have voted to create the position of Empress of the Athenian Federation and appointed the Queen of Macedon and Speaker of the Spartan League to the office.

The crowning forms a festive end to decades of sometimes hot and often cold war between the constituent parts of the Federation. The Empress had spent most of the previous three years fighting against warlords and others who stood in the way of unity.

In her first official address in the new role, Empress Athanasia has pledged that the Athenian Federation will seek to make its mark on the world as it joins the concert of civil nations and has pledged significant investments into the sciences to establish an Athenian presence beyond the stars.

While the ceremony has made her office official, a second ceremony is planned on the Parthenon to guarantee the approval of the Gods.